Why I became a Hypnotherapist

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July 15, 2019
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Why I became a Hypnotherapist

My Journey..

Sometimes its nice to know a little bit more about someone than just their qualifications. For those who might be interested here’s my story of how I became a hypnotherapist.

Born in 1972 I grew up in the pretty Cathedral City of Lichfield in Staffordshire. I enjoyed a happy uneventful childhood. My brother and I were brought up by our parents, both teachers. School holidays were spent in our little caravan with bunk beds and gas lamps somewhere in The Malvern Hills or near Scarborough. I still recall how great fish and chips in Scarborough are! From the age of 7 I was lucky enough to go horse riding every Sunday with my father who still rides weekly now aged 77 years young.

It was in my teenage years that I found myself suffering from anxiety and long term anxiety led to bouts of depression. With little understanding of why this was happening to me or who to turn to compounded by a teenage broken heart and exam pressures I ended up in hospital in a sorry state.

I will to this day never forget the kindness of one particular nurse, her words “I understand” transformed how I felt in that moment. Her empathy and kindness were a catalyst for change. From there I was lucky enough to get the psychological help I needed. A course of therapy completely retrained my thought processes from anxious and negative ones to much more rational and positive ones. This has given me such mental resilience and positivity and I have been fortunate to enjoy good mental health and wellbeing for the whole of my adult life thus far.

Looking back it was that moment with the nurse that had ignited a desire to work with people in a therapeutic environment. That desire combined with a real curiosity about how the mind works, why it goes wrong and what we can do to address that led me to the next step of the journey which was arriving at Sussex University to study Applied Psychology in 1994. I worked hard and left with a BA Hons 2:1 in 1997.

I had planned to go on to become a Clinical Psychologist but plans change and after I left Sussex had a brief stint in sales earning some much needed money. Perhaps fuelled by those caravan holidays and never having been abroad with my family In 1999 I bought a one-way ticket to India with my partner (now husband) where we worked our way across and around Asia, Indonesia, Australia, North and Central America finally returning home in 2002 after an epic 3 year adventure (that I plan to repeat when I retire!)

Having had a seriously long time to ponder the meaning of life and what to do with it I realised hypnotherapy was my calling. I studied a Diploma of Hypnotherapy upon my return and the rest as they say is history. Being a hypnotherapist is my dharma I am very lucky to have found a job I love so much that it doesn’t feel like work.

So, if you are suffering from anxiety rest assured “I understand” and I want you to know it doesn’t have to stay that way. The mind has a huge capacity for change and with the right information, help and tools you can experience relief from what you are going through. The first step of the journey is asking for help. So what are you waiting for? Give me a call or email me and arrange a free consultation. Im always happy to help.

Helen 07970 262612