What is Hypnotherapy?


What Is Hypnotherapy?

In short, Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic technique. It is a form of therapy that utilises the subconscious mind to bring about change. In a relaxed but focused state of awareness the hypnotherapist can use positive suggestions which are accepted by the subconscious mind to help bring about changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

There are many different therapeutic techniques within the field of hypnotherapy ranging from post hypnotic suggestions as just described through to more analytical methods, regression or the use of metaphors and visualisations to help solve problems.

If you have a deep seated emotional problem or bad habit you just can’t break it is likely influenced by the subconscious mind. It is therefore important to engage the subconscious mind to bring about change. Hypnotherapy can help you take back control and access your own inner strengths and resources.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

Hypnotherapy is entirely safe when conducted by a qualified Hypnotherapist. It is approved by the British Medical Association (BMA) and Hypnotherapy is practised by some doctors, dentists and psychologists. I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist with a Senior Qualification of Hypnotherapy Practice.

I am also a member of The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council who awarded me The Senior Qualification of Hypnotherapy Practice in 2008.


What Can Hypnotherapy Treat?

Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of issues from emotional and psychological issues such as stress, anxiety and fears, to bad habits such as smoking or over-eating. Hypnotherapy can also be used for physical complaints such as high blood pressure, pain control, skin problems and IBS. I am able to help with:

Pain Control

How Do I Know If Hypnotherapy Is Right For Me?

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss how I can help. At this initial consultation I will assess if hypnotherapy is both suitable for you and the most effective way to achieve your goals. I have a network of other therapists including hypnotherapists with different specialisms, counsellors, cognitive behavioural therapists and other clinicians I will always refer you on to if I feel I am not the best person to help.

In the initial consultation I can answer any questions you may have and give you an idea of the number of sessions and expected outcome of treatment. It is important to understand that everyone is unique and will respond in their own way to hypnotherapy. A guaranteed outcome is not certain as with any treatment, but I can give you a good idea of what I feel is achievable and we will talk through a treatment plan which we will follow together over the coming sessions. Get in touch to book your free consultation.

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