Top 10 ways to prepare yourself to stop smoking before starting your hypnotherapy programme

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May 7, 2019
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Top 10 ways to prepare yourself to stop smoking before starting your hypnotherapy programme

Many people are using hypnotherapy to help them stop smoking – it’s popularity as a treatment is growing, mainly due to its amazing success. I have had a lot of experience with smokers and using hypnotherapy to help them quit – it’s kind of my forte and I love seeing the happy, healthy results of my work with such clients.

It’s all about breaking the smoking habit

Quitting smoking is a huge challenge – my clients are often trying to break years of habit-forming behaviour and that takes time. A lot of this deep-seated behaviour is subconscious and this is where hypnotherapy and hypnosis really comes into its own. The subconscious mind recognises all those times of day when you reach for a cigarette. It knows all those associations when you just have to smoke – maybe with a glass of wine, when you’re reading the paper or out with smoking friends. With hypnotherapy, you can directly communicate with your subconscious mind to break these associations and stop smoking – forever.

10 ways to prepare you and your body to stop smoking

If you are considering using hypnotherapy to stop smoking, it’s a good idea to prepare   your body and mind for the challenge. Before hypnosis, your mind needs to be open to change and you also need to become more conscious of your cigarette habits. These small behavioural changes will help to break smoker habits long term.

1) Use the other hand to hold your cigarette when you smoke – this will feel a little strange, like writing with the other hand – but it makes you more conscious of your smoking.

2) If there is a strong association with having a cigarette and drinking tea, coffee or wine, then smoke before or after the drink – not with it. This will help break the habit.

3) If you always have a smoking place, then smoke somewhere else. For example if you smoke at the back door, do it at the front door instead.

4) Turn a smoking place into a non-smoking place. It’s fag-free – so do something else there, like read the paper.

5) Note down on a scale of 1-10 how much you wanted that cigarette and also how much you enjoyed it. You might see how the two don’t tally up.

6) Once you have your hypnotherapy appointment date booked tell people you are stopping smoking. This gives you a focus and helps others to support you too.

7) Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You may be surprised at how easy you find it to quit smoking when you start hypnotherapy but you may still need some support and advice along the way. Remember your therapist wants you to succeed – they are always there to help and support you.

8) Believe in yourself – you have the ability to make this change to become a non-smoker.  Before your hypnosis session, remind yourself of all the other things you have achieved in your life, even though some may have been difficult. Passing an exam, getting a new job or promotion, learning to drive – there will be lots if you think about it. You can do it.

9) Focus on what becoming a non-smoker will do for you and also your family. When you have kicked the habit and stopped smoking, you will be fitter, healthier, better off financially, more energetic and free from the inconvenience cigarettes can cause.

10) Decide in advance that, once you have stopped smoking, you will give yourself a reward. You will absolutely deserve it. Why not put aside the money that would have been spent on cigarettes and treat yourself to something – a gym membership, some new clothes or even a holiday.

The net step – a hypnotherapy programme for stopping smoking

The above top 10 tips will help you to prepare for your hypnotherapy programme which will be especially designed to help you quit those cigarettes. During hypnotherapy sessions, you and your practitioner will look in detail at your smoking habit, your motivations, any previous attempts and any fears you may have. This will then form the basis for a tailor-made set of hypnosis sessions that will take you on the journey to becoming a non-smoker.

From my experience, I don’t end the hypnotherapy programme when the client has stopped smoking. Since this is a challenging and life-long change, I always offer support in the weeks afterwards and indeed if there are relapses, a quick hypnosis session can work wonders to remove any lasting associations.

For more information on my Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking programme click here or contact me for a free initial consultation. The Addiction Helper helpline may also be worth exploring if needed.

All hypnotherapy sessions are held at the Tree of Life Centre in Brighton & Hove, though I work with clients from Worthing, Eastbourne and all over East and West Sussex.