The Real Reasons Those With IBS Aren’t Using Hypnotherapy

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January 16, 2020
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The Real Reasons Those With IBS Aren’t Using Hypnotherapy

I know that IBS affects far more than the body. I see clients whose lives are severely disrupted. They struggle to go to work. Their commute is a carefully planned mission with mental maps of toilets en-route, pockets full of Immodium and a bag of spare clothes. Once at work meetings are highly stressful, fraught with fear of embarrassment at needing a speedy exit. Even at home life is disrupted, those things we take for granted –eating out, a trip to the pub or even a friends house is filled with worry about “what-if’s” not knowing if a flare up, bout of pain or urgent trip to the loo are on the agenda. Relationships suffer and friendships drift increasing the sense of isolation and suffering. Anxiety and depression are all too often companions of IBS.

After working with many clients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and witnessing the positive changes in their symptoms and their quality of life I began to question why more people aren’t turning to hypnotherapy? There have been numerous studies showing that hypnotherapy is highly effective for IBS including those with refractory IBS which means severe IBS untreatable by medication or dietary changes.

Both Professor Whorwell and Professor Palsson found that 70-87% of patients experienced long term symptom reduction through a course of IBS. The success rates are phenomenal and it made me question why more IBS sufferers aren’t using hypnotherapy to help.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Most people with IBS have no idea that hypnotherapy is a well researched option that is currently used in the UK’s top Neurogastroenterology Unit lead by Professor Whorwell the World-leading expert on IBS.They are unaware that is it a safe and effective treatment for long term reduction of IBS symptoms.
  • Those that do know that hypnotherapy is recommended for IBS may have reservations about hypnotherapy. Most people’s experience of hypnosis is stage hypnosis on TV, a far cry from what goes on in the therapy room. They may think they will be unconscious or out of control in some way (which of course they won’t be) Or they might think they can’t be hypnotised which is a common belief but again is untrue.
  • For some it is the embarrassment of their condition that stops them reaching out for help. Talking to a stranger about how IBS really impacts their life can be daunting, along with the worry about actually managing symptoms during a session.
  • One major factor why more aren’t turning to hypnotherapy to  help IBS is that there are few specialist hypnotherapists with training in this field. Travelling a long way for a reputable hypnotherapist is not an option for most.

Are you struggling with IBS pain on a daily basis?

Are you fed up with worrying about leaving the house?

If you are interested in one to one sessions or a supported online hypnotherapy programme that you can access in the comfort of your own home or just have questions. Please email me at I would love to help.