The Power of Action

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September 9, 2019
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February 27, 2020
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The Power of Action

We spend so much of our lives thinking about what we would like, time wishing and wanting. These thoughts are important, if we don’t imagine something or don’t start with an idea nothing will change. However true power lies in not just thinking but doing, taking action, without action all our ideas and dreams will stay just that. It is the action we take that allows our dreams to manifest into reality.

It’s the booking of your stop smoking session that is the action to take to become the non smoker, it’s showing up at the gym that will get you fitter and healthier. Sometimes it’s easier to let things stay in thought as change can be challenging or even uncomfortable the familiar can feel safe. My new favourite mantra is “on the other side of fear is growth” without growth we live a limited life, stay small, stay safe but this can lead to discontent, boredom and an underlying feeling that life was meant to be ‘more’ somehow.

It is this realisation that has spurred me into assessing my own life and what actions I need to take. 2020 is going to be a big year for me with lots of challenges and pushing myself far out of my comfort zone. Life and work are good but I have busy ticking along in my comfort zone thinking this is enough and being busy being mum. There were a few events last year and a chance meeting with someone from my past that have ignited a desire for change and have created a new vision of where I want to be, where I’m meant to be. So what action am I taking in 2020 to make my vision my reality?

Firstly I am studying with Dr John Butler in February something I’ve been ‘thinking’ of doing for 3 years. I’ve booked, I’m there, I’m doing this. Dr Butler was the hypnotherapist who was filmed by Channel 4 in 2006 using hypnosis as a sole anaesthetic for a hernia op. (Not something I’m planning to do) The study will stretch me and because of this I will experience growth. This will increase my self confidence and give me new skills in Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy that will give my clients even better results.

Secondly, I have got myself a business coach (the chance meeting with an old friend) to help me bring a big idea into fruition, you’ll hear more about this as it unfolds of course. Watch this space! Taking action feels great, it feels exciting, it has opened up all sorts of new thinking and creativity, I feel inspired and alive. My vision is to transform peoples lives in a positive way whilst supporting environmental projects. Helping people whilst helping the planet. I feel compelled to live a life that does those two things. I feel it is impossible for me to be living in this time of climate crisis and not be called to action. It’s there again ACTION is what is needed to create change. I want my children to see that each one of us can make a difference. The time is NOW.

So that’s me and my action What about you? What is it that you think about changing? At this time of year I see many smokers. There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people make this change. Stopping smoking is the single biggest step to good health you can make. It’s more than this massive physical benefit. Mentally breaking free from an unwanted harmful habit has huge repercussions. There’s a sense of freedom, self empowerment a greater self confidence that you can make other changes in your life. You’ll probably find yourself taking action on things you’d previously procrastinated about like exercising and eating well. Your vision of your future will be entirely different. I’ve seen it countless times and its that that really excites me about helping people stop.

Perhaps you would change a feeling rather than a behaviour. Maybe you’ve not flown for many years because of fear but there’s someone whom you’d really like to visit and its time to let go of the fear, maybe a fear of public speaking is stopping your career progression and you are ready to get past that. You just have to work out what you want to change and then take ACTION. What are you waiting for? If you want to make those changes a reality don’t say tomorrow, make today the day. I look forwards to helping you.

Helen x