Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


I’m a woman with a big mission to transform the lives of those with IBS. Frustrated by the lack support for those suffering and a lack of training for Hypnotherapists wanting to help. I took it upon myself to create what I hope will be the most effective supported online program for IBS out there. This program is based upon many months of research looking at the most effective ways to reduce the wide range of symptoms that are linked with IBS and is due to launch in May 2020

I’m a lover of science, research and evidence based approaches to problems. Drawing upon research by Professors Palsson and Whorwell plus my own experience of working with clients for the past 17 years this program will bring together the information, support and techniques required to reduce symptoms long term. All in the comfort of your own home which given current lockdown situation is more important than ever.

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The effects of IBS include painful abdominal cramps and spasms, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and excess wind. It is unclear what the cause of IBS is – some sufferers report an improvement of symptoms through dietary changes but for others dietary changes and medication have limited impact.

There have been some excellent clinical studies which show that hypnotherapy is a highly effective treatment for IBS with a response rate to treatment between 70-87%.

How can Hypnotherapy help with IBS?

Hypnotherapy can help IBS sufferers in many ways. The state of hypnosis is deeply relaxing and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which creates a ‘rest and digest’ response.  This means increased blood flow to the digestive tract during treatment and this change in blood flow can create changes in sensation and comfort within the digestive tract. Suggestions to decrease the sensitivity of the gut are also used in treatment. There is a direct link between the brain and the gut and the gut responds rapidly to anxiety and stress so therapy is used to find new ways to manage stress and calm anxiety. Gut directed therapy as created by Dr Whorwell Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology at Manchester University involves the metaphor of the gut as a river and patients changing the speed of the flow of the river in their minds eye. The body responds to this visualisation showing beautifully the mind body connection in action.

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