Hypnotherapist Brighton

Helen Brooks is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist in Brighton.


Brighton & Hove is awash with natural therapists so it’s no surprise there is high demand for hypnotherapy here.

“I can honestly say that hypnotherapy sessions with Helen have really changed my life! When I look back to how I was to how I am now, it seems like I am a completely different person. I am now a lot calmer, more self assured and before the sessions I would have described myself as a pessimist where as now I am an optimist. I am always going to be forever grateful to Helen because she has helped me in a way that I did not think possible, thank you.” Matt, Brighton.

Hypnotherapy can treat a wide range of challenges from emotional, mental and psychological issues such as stress, anxiety and phobias, to unwanted habits such as smoking or over-eating. These issues are prevalent in Brighton – probably due to the high level of commuters, working parents and students.

 Some of the issues I have great success helping with are:

Stopping smoking

Helping with weight loss

Fear of flying



Anxiety and Stress



I also use teach expectant mothers to use hypnotherapy to help aid the natural birth process (hypnobirthing).

For those seeking more information about hypnotherapy, read my blog here.

I offer a free initial consultation. – contact me to book in.


I want to ensure my clients feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment. I have a calm private treatment room in Hangleton, Hove and also work from The Tree Of Life Centre on Portland Road, Hove which is easily accessible by public transport.