Most hypnotherapists will be registered with a membership body like the General Hypnotherapy Register so its best to check your hypnotherapist is listed on there before engaging them.

Anyone can be guided into a state of trance if they are willing, trance is really just a state of deep relaxation and focused awareness. However there are different levels of trance all are useful.  I often find clients relax more after the first session and go deeper into trance as the sessions go on.

Give me a call and book your free consultation. I will always advise you honestly as to whether I feel hypnotherapy would work for you and indeed recommend other hypnotherapists if I feel I do not have the skills to treat your particular issue. Contact me for a chat.

After the initial consultation, hypnosis sessions cost £75 per session. The stop smoking programme is £200 . Click here to find out more.

Yes absolutely, I pride myself in being highly qualified and very experienced. As well as a Degree in Applied Psychology I hold a Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice. I trained with Dr. Hearne of The European College of Hypnotherapy and obtained my Diploma of Hypnotherapy in 2003. I am a member of The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council who awarded me The Senior Qualification of Hypnotherapy Practice in 2008. I have also trained with Marie Mongan of The Hypnobirthing Institute at St Thomas’s Hospital London and have supported teaching on The Isis School of Integrated Hypnotherapy Diploma Course held at Brighton University. I have many years of experience in running my own successful practice. For more information about me click here.

Hypnotherapy is very safe. There are no side effects and cannot get stuck in trance.  It is approved by the British Medical Association. However it is important to ensure you use a fully qualified Hypnotherapist who is a member of a professional body like the General Hypnotherapy Register.

I have had experience in treating many different conditions and challenges from stopping smoking to learning to deal with stress and alleviate anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help with pain management, IBS, high blood pressure, severe psoriasis, insomnia, phobias of all kinds and weight loss. To see a list of the conditions hypnosis can help with, click on Conditions from my homepage.

Trance is a state of focused awareness often accompanied by a deep state of relaxation. In hypnosis or trance the brain waves enter into “theta” state. This is the state in between being asleep and awake. During this state your analytical areas of the brain become less active making the subconscious more receptive to positive suggestions.

This varies for each individual – there are no set amount of sessions as everyone is unique. At the initial consultation I will be able to advise on the number of sessions I think you may need to reach your goals. However usually this falls between 2 and 6.

The initial consultation is for me to understand your goals, assess how best to help you and answer any questions you may have. It is also for you to make sure you feel comfortable and informed. You are never under any obligation to book sessions it is important that we both feel your goals are achievable and are happy to work together.

During the hypnotherapy session you will be guided into hypnosis. You will be fully in control and aware of your surroundings – you are not “put under” as many people wrongly believe when thinking of hypnosis. Some people will feel in an altered state during hypnosis, maybe noticing changes in bodily sensations, however others will hardly notice the shift and it will feel akin to daydreaming. how you experience trance will vary from session to session and also vary with the type of therapeutic work we are doing, some sessions may need an alert awareness yet others may benefit from a deeper more relaxed state of trance. Once in trance the therapeutic work begins, this could be post hypnotic suggestions, analysis, regression, metaphors or visualisation whatever I feel is best suited to you and your goals. Having a wide range of skills and in depth knowledge across the broad field of hypnotherapy allows me to tailor sessions to each clients unique requirements to get the best results.

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