I started smoking at the age of 16, and always thought I would be able to give up when I wanted. 20 years on I was smoking a packet a day and desperately wanted to give up. Had tried nicotine replacement therapy without success, and couldn’t even contemplate using willpower alone. As a strong believer in complementary and alternative medicine I decided that before I admit to myself that there was no hope for me, and that I was doomed to be dependant on the weed for the rest of my life (or until they banned it!!), I would give hypnotherapy a try. A friend recommended Helen to me, and I subsequently arranged a session. I found Helen to be professional but friendly, and so easy to talk to that I felt completely relaxed in her presence. The two sessions I attended were fascinating and such an incredible experience. The hypnosis itself was just so relaxing, both mentally and physically. And the smoking? Well I haven’t had a single fag since, and I don’t get any cravings or miss it at all. Incredible! 3 months on I consider myself to be non-smoker. Thank you so much.”


Dear Helen Just wanted to update you on my new found confidence with presenting! I had my other presentation last Wednesday and it went really well. Thanks for helping me with this.


I saw you for a session on fear of flying. I just wanted to tell you that I had the best flight there and back! I was slightly apprehensive when I first got on the plane, but something just clicked and I felt really calm. I’m flying again on Friday and don’t feel worried at all! Thank you very much!


I can honestly say that sessions with Helen have really changed my life! when I look back to how I was to how I am now, it seems like I am a completely different person. I am now a lot calmer, more self assured and before the sessions I would have described myself as a pessimist where as now I am an optimist. I am always going to be forever grateful to Helen because she has helped me in a way that I did not think possible, thank you.


“I wish I’d tried it years ago. My anxiety was more manageable after just one session and after five sessions I had a feeling of personal control and calmness that I’d never experienced before.


“Thank you for all of the hynotherapy sessions that you gave me. I feel that they really worked for me and have helped me overcome my phone phobia. I am picking the phone up at work and home and now I don’t avoid any calls. I have the confidence to pick up the phone and havent had a panic attack in ages.


I keep meaning to drop you an email to say thank you for the last session I had with you. I feel so much better, I haven’t smoked since that session and am feeling really good and positive about the whole thing and just wanted to thank you really. Thanks again Helen.