What’s the process?

The Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Process



The first Stop Smoking session:


The first of your stop smoking sessions lasts for an hour and a half and will be in a calm treatment room in Brighton & Hove. This begins with a consultation to understand your motivations to stop smoking and your smoking habit.  The most important question is “Why are you stopping smoking?” Is it because of the health risks of smoking? or because you no longer enjoy smoking? Are you fed up of being controlled by your habit? Is it the financial gain that’s making you quit smoking? Perhaps you are are you planning to start a family or already have young children you want to protect. Your motivation is a powerful tool to helping you stop.

During the consultation your habit pattern is assessed to find out when and why you smoke. Some people smoke at regular times of day such as after breakfast, lunch time, break times, leaving work. Others are more habitual in relation to activities such as each time they drink tea or coffee, with alcohol, talking on the phone or driving. Emotional connections to the smoking habit are also common, think in terms of reward for completing a task, smoking when stressed, angry or bored. Each of these combinations of times of day, activities and emotions are unique to each person and are part of a subconscious set of associations and triggers that will drive your smoking habit each day. 

The final part of the consultation is future focused. What you are looking forwards to once you quit smoking and become a non-smoker. Increased health, more money, more energy, looking better, becoming fitter. Think about what achieving your goal means to you. How will you feel as a non smoker?

Now the stop smoking hypnosis begins. Lying on a comfortable couch you will guided into a state of mind that is called trance. This is achieved by a combination of tone of voice, pacing, hypnotic language patterns, imagery and relaxation techniques. In this state the brain waves change into ‘theta’ state. This is the in-between awake and asleep state, like when your phone beeps next to the bed and you say ‘I was just dropping off’ you know you weren’t asleep but not quite awake either. You will not be put ‘under’ as many are led to believe. You will be in control and aware of your surroundings and able to hear what is going on around you but the critical and analytical areas of the brain become less active making the subconscious mind more receptive to positive suggestions. It is these powerful suggestions along with other techniques that allow the subconscious mind to let go of the smoking habit. Now the subconscious is working with the conscious decision to be a non-smoker any inner conflict is removed and there is no desire to smoke.


The second Stop Smoking session:


An important part of the programme is the second session. Although you will stop smoking after the first session it is important that this change is reinforced. It is one thing to stop smoking but the most important thing is that you stay stopped. It is also necessary to discuss how the week went and ensure that everything is just as it should be and you have felt happy and relaxed as a non-smoker in all those situations where you used to smoke.

“Stopping smoking is a life changing event and one that I am always pleased to be a part of. It’s not about me doing something to make people stop but much more about helping people to find their own inner resources that will enable them to make the change for themselves. They do, it I’m just the guide.” Helen Brooks, Brooks Hypnotherapy.

Where I work: I work from the Tree of Life Centre in the city of Brighton & Hove, and have my own private practice in Hove.  I work with clients from Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Lancing, Storrington, Portslade and all over Sussex.