Are you pregnant and considering hypnobirthing? Hypnosis is a wonderful way to encourage a calm, beautiful birthing experience.


What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is supported by many midwives who have seen the benefits to mother and baby, of a calm, focused and educated approach to the birthing process. It uses self hypnosis whilst empowering the parents with knowledge of childbirth and the physical aspects of it. It aims to reduce stress, worry and tension which in turn can reduce labour and birthing pain or improve the mother’s experience of it. Through a combination of breathing and relaxation techniques the mother is taught to relax into labour and birth and the birthing partner, who is always fully involved is taught how to support her.


My approach to hypnobirthing


I trained with Marie Mongan, the founder of the HypnoBirthing Institute at St Thomas’s Hospital, London, and qualified as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner. I do not run courses but have chosen to work on an individual basis, using my knowledge and skills to support each woman and her individual needs. I work with each mother and her unique requirements, teaching the information and skills that are relevant to her and helping her to overcome any specific concerns or fears about labour and birth.

Working this way allows me greater flexibility and also can make learning the skills of an hypnotic birth more affordable. You can choose to do as few or as many hypnobirthing sessions as you require and we can tailor the content of the sessions to suit. If you would like to participate in a HypnoBirthing class with other expectant couples, I have excellent colleagues that I can happily recommend.


I offer a free 30 minute consultation to all of my clients, so if you would like a chat about hypnobirthing and it’s benefits please get in touch.