Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

Are You Struggling to Lose Weight or Control Your Weight? Have You Considered Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss?

With the rise of stress, convenience food, yo-yo diets, air-brushing photos and a plethora of other influencing factors in the western world today, it is not surprising that more and more people struggle to control their weight, or with weight loss.

Using hypnotherapy for weight loss is an effective way of changing unhealthy patterns of eating and thinking. We all know what we should eat and what is healthy and unhealthy, the problem is in doing it and how we feel about that.

People who have challenges around food and weight control often display some psychological tendencies and it’s these that we seek to address during my weight loss hypnotherapy program:

Lack of self-confidence/esteem

Feelings of guilt

No Will Power or Motivation

Fear of Failure

Worries about the perception of others

Highly Stressed

Hypnosis helps people to lose weight and with long term weight control

I have seen that diets have very limited success in helping people over the long term. Diets create a sense of being deprived which ends up with a backlash of over-eating at some point during or after the diet. This backlash results in the weight being put back on and often more weight than was originally lost on the diet.

Often just telling ourselves we mustn’t eat something makes us crave it even more. It is the psychological aspect of this that must be addressed to allow us to eat healthily, feel good about it and control our weight.


What will happen in a Weight loss Hypnotherapy session?

As an experienced hypnotherapist in this area, I understand that weight loss is a very personal goal and to ensure that the weight is controlled in the long run, all aspects of the situation need to be explored. That’s why, in my hypnotherapy sessions, we will discuss your weight goals, current eating patterns and your weight loss history. Then, through a series of tailor-made hypnotherapy sessions, the psychological causes of over-eating will be addressed and your thinking will change so you feel more positively about healthy foods. No foods are banned or off limits – by simply changing your thinking you will no longer desire these unhealthy foods but will be drawn to rewarding yourself with nutritious healthy foods that help you reach your goal of being a slimmer, healthier you, whilst feeling satisfied and happy.

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