About Me

I’m Helen Brooks, a Senior Hypnotherapist in Brighton & Hove.

I am here to help you change the things in your life that you are unable to change by yourself.

I can help you change behaviours that you engage in but don’t want to such as smoking, overeating or avoiding the gym. I am here to help you change feelings that you cannot change by yourself such as anxiety and fear.

We all get hurdles in life and I’m here to help you over them, through them or round them. I am down to earth, warm and friendly and have the expertise to know how to facilitate change. I draw upon many years of experience as well as the latest developments in Psychology and Hypnotherapy to deliver great results in a short space of time.

A problem in one area of our life can impact negatively in other areas, just like trying to drive a car with one flat tyre would feel out of balance. Of course we’d get a new tyre as soon as possible but when it comes to ourselves we often struggle on without taking action. So I guess I am like a mind mechanic, working out what’s out of balance and how best to restore it so the journey ahead is easier and smoother.

I am a specialist in treating IBS, Anxiety and Stopping Smoking, areas in which I excel, creating consistent results and success.  Aside from my qualifications I feel it is my genuine care for people and my commitment to each and every client that helps create positive transformations and facilitate change.

If you want to make those changes a reality don’t say tomorrow make today the day.

Get in touch. I look forwards to working with you.

“ I can honestly say that sessions with Helen have really changed my life.” M. Redman

Where I Treat My Clients

I am working with clients through online sessions.

Pre Covid -19 I also worked from my own purpose built treatment room in Hove, East Sussex which is calm, comfortable and private.

I look forwards to welcoming you back to my work space on the other side of this difficult time. Thankfully modern technology is keeping us all connected in the meantime.

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