5 Tips for finding a Hypnotherapist

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March 1, 2019
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5 Tips for finding a Hypnotherapist

Finding a hypnotherapist can be daunting since there are so many of us these days! Read below for my top tips on finding a hypnotherapist that is right for you…

1. Personal recommendation is always best. Someone tried and tested saves searching for a good hypnotherapist.  These days you can ask friends on facebook for recommendations and usually they or their friends will come up with a name or two that you can follow up.

2. Check that the hypnotherapist is suitably qualified. All the different letters after names can be confusing even to myself a qualified hypnotherapist. A Degree is excellent but most hypnotherapists don’t have one. A Degree is not necessary to become a hypnotherapist so a good way to check is by ensuring they are a Registered member of a professional hypnotherapy body and have completed the necessary training to assist with your problem. Check out their About Me page.

3. Do they offer a free initial consultation? A course of hypnotherapy is an investment in yourself that you want to get right.  Any good hypnotherapist should offer a free initial consultation.  It is as important for the therapist to assess if they are the best person to help their client as it is for the client to find out about the hypnotherapist.

4. Did  they talk or listen? At your free consultation did the hypnotherapist mostly talk or did they mostly listen? A good hypnotherapist is interested in you and what you want to achieve and a good therapist listens more than they talk.

5. Do you like them? In my opinion it is vital that you feel comfortable, listened to and understood.  It doesn’t matter how much experience or how many qualifications the hypnotherapist has,  you have to feel at ease and that on some level you like the hypnotherapist you are working with for the therapeutic relationship to be truly transformative.

I hope you find these tips useful. Helen