5 Things Your Hypnotherapist Should Always do

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June 1, 2019
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5 Things Your Hypnotherapist Should Always do

It’s really important when choosing and working with a hypnotherapist, to ensure they are delivering what you both expect and behaving in a professional and ethical manner. This is the approach I take with clients in my Brighton & Hove hypnotherapy clinic, and so I decided to put together a checklist of 5 things a good hypnotherapist should always do when working with you.

1) Set a clear goal of what you want to achieve and a plan of how to get there

This is really important as this forms the basis of the work done together during the hypnosis sessions. You both agree and understand what you are working towards, what a good end result looks like and the steps you will take on your hypnotherapy journey to get you there.

2) Ensure they are the right hypnotherapist to help you

Hypnotherapists are not miracle workers of course and cannot always be skilled in all areas. Some specialise in working with certain challenges more than others. A good hypnotherapist will ensure they posses the skills required to achieve the changes you desire. And if they don’t, they should willingly refer you on to colleagues that can help more effectively.

3) Keep everything confidential

This is a must since the relationship between you and your practitioner is about trust. If your hypnotherapist has discussed your sessions or issues with anyone else stop working with them! If there was ever a way to fail as a hypnotherapist, this is it. It may have taken you months or even years to work up the courage to approach your hypnotherapist for help – they need to respect your personal and private details and remain professional at all times. This is why you should ensure your hypnotherapist is fully accredited and qualified.

4) Be happy to talk about their training and qualifications

It’s so vital to ensure your hypnotherapy sessions are conducted by someone who is fully qualified and a member of a professional body. Don’t be afraid to ask your hypnotherapist which professional bodies they are affiliated with, what qualifications they hold and to see certificates if you feel you would like to.

5) Follow up with you after the sessions

After your hypnosis sessions are finished, it’s important that your hypnotherapist follows up with you, both to understand if things have improved and to offer support where needed. It’s not a treat and run situation – a good hypnotherapist will always stay in touch after the programme is over. They should also ask for feedback from you which is an important step in learning and refining their practice.

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Helen Brooks is a qualified Senior Hypnotherapist and treats many challenges including a specialism in smoking cessation. Helen treats clients in Brighton & Hove, at the Tree Of Life Centre. To read more about Helen click here.