3 Great Reasons To Consider Hypnosis To Help You Stop Smoking

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August 11, 2019
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September 9, 2019
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3 Great Reasons To Consider Hypnosis To Help You Stop Smoking

The number one reason to use hypnotherapy to stop smoking is that time and again it has been shown to be the most effective way of stopping smoking.

1) Hypnotherapy Has Been Shown To Be The No 1 Way To Quit Smoking

Way back in 1992 The New Scientist printed the results of the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. The data was gathered from 600 studies covering 72,000 people globally. Using such a large amount of data allowed the real effectiveness of each method to be assessed. Least effective was shown to be advice from GP’s followed by willpower, self help books and nicotine gum.

As a Hypnotherapist I think the reason why Hypnotherapy is so effective for helping people stop smoking is that it addresses the psychological habit patterns and associations in a way that no other treatment can.  Dealing with the the physical aspect of stopping smoking alone falls way short of the help required to make a lasting change in behaviour. In fact I have seen so many lifelong heavy smokers stop without any physical withdrawals that I feel it is the psychological addiction rather than the physical which is the greater hurdle to becoming smoke free.

2) Hypnotherapy Is Safe & Effective For All

The second reason to consider hypnosis is that it is completely safe and can be effective for anyone. The only requirement is that you want to stop. Hypnosis is not based on belief that it will work, in my practice I would say 60% of people are skeptical about what the outcome will be when they first arrive. For many people their only experience of hypnosis is the silly stage hypnosis shows that are occasionally on TV unaware that hypnosis has a long history within the medical and dental professions.
Each person stopping smoking is unique and there are a huge range of strategies and techniques that can be applied by the therapist. It is important to seek out a hypnotherapist who specialises in stopping smoking so that they are skilled in lots of approaches and can tailor the session to suit the client rather than the other way round.

3) Hypnotherapy Has Beneficial Side Effects

The third reason I advocate hypnotherapy to stop smoking is its side effects. Yes, you read that right. The side effects of a Hypnotherapy session are always beneficial. During a session the body becomes deeply relaxed slowing down the heart rate, breathing and lowering blood pressure, digestion eases down and the whole body is at rest, this is such a lovely state to experience and one that is quite rare in our busy world. We find ourselves either at full speed or asleep more often than awake and alert but in a deep state of relaxation. The brain changes too, moving from alert state with beta brain waves down into alpha which is relaxed and then into theta which is hypnosis, this is calming mentally as well as physically.
Other benefits are wide reaching – when people stop smoking it allows them to do those things that smoking has stopped them doing such as exercise. Many of my clients have gone on to make further changes with healthy eating, weight loss and taking up or improving a sport I have even had a few go on to run marathons! I’m sure many people stopping smoking by other methods do these things too but the sessions of hypnotherapy are focused on what you are gaining as a non smoker rather than giving up and are designed to enhance and encourage these positive aspects of the clients healthy new self.
There are no dangers or harmful effects of using hypnotherapy. It is a tried and tested and scientifically verified method which is the most effective way to stop smoking.

So if you are reading this whilst considering stopping smoking I would ask “what have you got to lose except the habit?” I’m always happy to answer your questions and have a chat or find out more here about how my Stop Smoking Programme works.
Helen x